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On a mission to unlock the full potential of plant-based oil with our exclusive Oil Structuring Technology

A Healthier Choice:
Fattastic Platform

Leveraging our proprietary technology platform, we create  plant-based fats with benefits such as tunable melting temperature, low calories, reduced saturated fat by an impressive 80% and encapsulation of flavors and nutrients, thereby providing a healthier and sustainable alternative to traditional fats. 


The platform adapts to various oil types, addressing future supply concerns and enabling the use of eco-friendly oils. Its versatility extends to diverse applications, including plant-based meat, bakery, dairy alternatives, and confectionaries.

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Standard Fat

The high melting prevents leaking out of fat while cooking, while its exceptional texture elevates the overall dining experience. Low in saturated fat, it presents a healthier alternative without compromising on rich flavor. Additionally, its low-calorie composition makes it a guilt-free indulgence for those mindful of their dietary choices.



  • High Melting Temperature (60°C-100°C)

  • Better Texture

  • Low Calories

Applications: Plant-based meat & Bakery

Customizable Fat

Customizable fat has all the features of standard Fat plus extra features like tunable melting temperature, flavor encapsulation, and fortification, enabling its seamless incorporation into various culinary applications.


Flavor encapsulation shields against heat, ensuring a sustained burst of delicious tastes. It also allows for Vitamin and omega fortification, thereby providing a healthy balance between indulgence and nutritional consciousness.



  • Tunable Melting Temperature

  • Better Texture

  • Low Calories

  • Flavour Encapsulation

  • Fortification

Applications: Plant-based meat, Bakery, Dairy alternatives, Confectionaries 

Customisable fat

Tell us your requirement for functional fat 

Tunable melting temperature and texture ?
Encapsulation of flavors and nutrients ?

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